Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Transportation to Italy

Is air travel included in the program cost?
No, you must make your air travel arrangements independently. Our staff is happy to advise you if you have questions.
What airport/city should I fly into?
Naples is the closest city to the Amalfi Coast with an international airport. The drive from the Naples airport to the festival can take 60 to 90 minutes, depending on traffic. If you prefer to fly into Rome, you must transfer to the downtown train station and take a train (approx. a 2-hour trip on the high-speed line, Frecciarossa) to Naples. In Naples you will need to get a taxi to the Naples airport to join the group waiting for the festival shuttle bus. Otherwise, take a local train to Salerno, the town closest to our facilities, where you can take a public bus (40 mins) to Maiori or arrange a private pick-up at the train station for approx. 80 euros. Night rates apply.
What kind of transportation is there between the airport and the festival?
The festival provides a morning and afternoon bus for each program’s arrival and departure dates. The time of the buses is scheduled to accommodate the greatest number of flights and is announced in June. You may also request a private transfer (independent car with driver) to or from the airport for a fee, which is a less expensive option than taking a taxi. Cost of private transfer in 2023 was approx. $150 although rates may vary and a surcharge is added for night transfers (9 p.m. - 6:00 a.m.) Summer 2024 rates are not yet official.


What time should I arrive and depart?
You are invited to arrive any time after 12 p.m. noon on arrival day. We recommend you plan to arrive by 5 p.m. in order to attend an orientation. A welcome dinner is scheduled the first night for people on the meal plan although others may sign up to join that evening. On departure day you are expected to leave in the morning. Most international flights leave Naples very early. Hotel and hostel check-out times are generally 10:00 a.m.
Can I come a day or two early or stay on after the festival?
We are not able to book accommodations for extra days before or after the program although you are welcome to make independent arrangements.

Everyday Concerns

Do I need to bring any electrical appliances, such as a hairdryer?
We recommend you leave most electrical appliances at home. All accommodations (hotels and hostel) provide hair dryers. The use of irons is restricted due to fire hazards. Electric water boilers are strictly prohibited. Please note you will need an adapter plug for your chargers so they fit into the wall outlet. (Adapters can be found locally in hardware stores if you forget or lose yours.)
What kind of internet service is there in the town?
All accommodations have wifi. The service can sometimes be inconsistent due to the position of the town between the mountains and the sea.
What kind of laundry facilities are there?
There are two laundromats in the center of town plus there is a dry cleaners that will wash and fold your laundry (cost determined by weight) but it can take several days. Many people do hand wash in their sinks.
How do I obtain cash?
In Maiori, there are several ATM machines (called a Bancomat in Italian) to access Euros with your credit card. Be sure to check about fees associated with your credit card for international transactions.

What to Bring

Carry-on Luggage
We strongly recommend you pack a basic over-night bag as part of your carry-on luggage that includes a change of clothes, sleepwear, basic toiletries, medications, and any other essentials you might need. In today’s travel climate, occasional problems with baggage handling may result in delayed delivery of luggage (Sometimes lost or misplaced bags arrive 2 or 3 days late.) So, we advise this precaution for your own convenience and peace of mind. In addition, we recommend you take photos on your phone of your different luggage items in case you need to file a claim and also keep a photo of your passport.
Be prepared to bring clothes for hot weather and a bathing suit for the beach. Dress during the day is informal. Keep in mind,that Italians don’t usually wear shorts. Women will feel most comfortable in sun dresses or summery skirts and tops. For evenings, be prepared to dress for concerts. Please note: No shorts or tank tops are permitted in the hotel dining area at dinner.
Attire for Performers
Men are expected to perform in dress shirt while women should plan to appear in dressy summery attire. Please be sure to bring appropriate dress shoes.
In addition to a bathing suit, a “cover-up” is a good idea so you can walk down to the beach. Be sure to pack hats and sunscreen for the dazzling Mediterranean sun!
Both men and women who will be performing should have dress shoes (or sandals for women).
Everyday shoes
Because you will doing a lot of walking between the hotel and practice facilities, we recommend a pair of comfortable shoes or sandals. The Amalfi Coast is hilly terrain so be prepared to get some exercise, especially on excursion days.

For the beach, it is advisable to have some kind of water shoe to wear into the water because the rocky Amalfi Coast has pebble beaches which can be uncomfortable on bare feet.

All medications should be packed in your carry-on luggage so that you take no risk in losing them. Additionally, you should keep a detailed list of any prescription medications you rely on (in case of loss) plus the phone numbers of your physician. Your health insurance policy information should also be readily available.
Adapters & Converters
Please note that irons and water boilers are not permitted in the hotel rooms due to fire regulations. For heavier appliances like electric razors, you will need a standard converter for European voltage (110 to 220). You will also need a plug adapter to enable a foreign plug to fit the standard Italian outlet (a plug with two round prongs). It’s possible to order a small, portable “travel hair-dryers” equipped with dual voltage to eliminate the need for a converter although you will still need an adapter.


Do you recommend signing up for the Meal Plan?
While you are free to eat on your own, we do strongly recommend you consider the festival Meal Plan. Due to our concert schedule, it is more convenient to eat with the group at specially arranged times when local restaurants are not always open. The festival dinners also provide an important time to socialize with other festival participants and faculty.
If I’m on the Meal Plan, what happens when we go to other towns for concerts?
For those on the Meal Plan, we arrange to eat together in a local trattoria or restaurant for a delicious 3-course meal when we are in a different town for a performance.
What other options exist for eating in the town?
In Maiori there is an array of small restaurants, cafes, and pizzerias all within walking distance.
Does the Meal Plan offer options for Vegetarians?


Do all Hotels have private bathrooms?
What do you mean by triple occupancy?
The standard option for students is a room with three (3) beds to be shared with two other roommates. Double (2 people) and single (private) rooms are also available for a supplemental cost. You may request specific roommates or the festival will assign appropriate students to share your room.


What are the hostel accommodations like?
The hostel accommodations vary from year to year. They are generally dormitory-style accommodations with shared rooms, simple furnishings, and a shared bathroom. Central air conditioning may be limited to smaller units by room. No breakfast is included.


Why do you recommend travel insurance?
Each year we have at least one last-minute cancellation, due to unexpected health problems or family schedule changes. At such a late date it is impossible for us (or the airlines) to provide a full refund. Travel insurance provides important protection for unexpected situations, cancellations, lost luggage, etc. and should cover your program fees in case of cancellation.

See a listing of travel insurance agencies.

Does my health insurance cover me in Italy?
You need to check your policy carefully to understand what kind of international coverage your provider offers. If there is any doubt, we recommend you consider a short-term policy for travel abroad to have guaranteed coverage.